Maple View Bismarck Staff


Lana C. - RN, BSNFacility Director


John C.Maintenance Manager


Tina T.Resident & Family Services Manager


Rhea E. - RNNursing Department Manager


Robyn A.Activity Coordinator

Why Maple View?

For many families, Meeting the needs of their memory-impaired loved one can become overwhelming. Maple View Memory Care Communities are here to help. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the special needs of those suffering from memory loss.

Full Time Residency

Maple View Memory Care Communities specialize in 24-hour care for those with memory impairment. Our full-time residency program offers a secure, small, home-like environment that is unique and designed to meet the individual needs of those we serve.

Freedom of movement, socialization and activity programs all contribute to an environment that helps those who reside at Maple View to achieve their maximum social, mental, physical and spiritual potential.

At Maple View, we understand the needs of those with memory impairment. We Get It!

Adult Day Services

Caring for a loved one with memory loss can truly be a challenge. Our Adult Day Services program allows those caregivers the opportunity for some much-needed rest and relaxation. This program is ideal for caregivers who may need to run an errand, attend an appointment or who just need a little relief from the daily routine of caregiving.

Participants in our Adult Day Service program will benefit from the additional care, stimulation and socialization provided.

Hours are flexible and may be specifically designed to meet the needs of those we serve. Arrangements for transportation may be available as well.

At Maple View, we understand the unique needs of a caregiver. We Get It!

Respite Care

For caregivers who want to take advantage of our Respite Care, memory-impaired individuals can stay with us overnight for up to a week. This allows caregivers to take some “time off” for a vacation, family emergency or to just get a feel for our program. Contact us for pricing and to find out how you can utilize our Respite Care services. At Maple View, We Get It!


Memory Care is what we do. We specialize in Memory Care.

As soon as you walk through our door at Maple View Bismarck, the difference is easy to see. From our accommodations to the looks on the faces of our staff and our residents, the rapport and the sense of community make life look at little better from here.


At Maple View Bismarck, our location on Montreal has 36 private suites, each with an open layout, quality furnishings and big, bright windows. Our suites feature cozy, neutral colors, and each one includes its own private bathroom. Residents are encouraged to bring their own flare to their rooms by hanging pictures, adding their own furniture, adding a TV or stereo system and more.

At Maple View, the suites are positioned along two hallways, that are connected by a luxurious great room. Our open floor plan allows you to see virtually the entire facility no matter where you are, creating a sense of freedom and comfort for our residents. On each end of the building are beautiful sun rooms, and outside is a fenced-in courtyard and manicured circular walking path.


At Maple View we have full-time kitchen staff that prepare delicious, home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon and evening snacks. While we have set meal times and a set menu, we will always accommodate our residents’ requests for other food or beverages. In addition, it’s not out of the ordinary to take our residents out to get ice cream or to go for a scenic drive.


Our activities are Montessori-based, which allows for a failure-free environment. Our activities are designed to be stimulating, yet challenging, and each one is tailored especially for memory-impaired individuals to boost self-esteem and enhance their quality of life. The activities we offer are geared towards the unique interests and abilities of our residents. They can choose to participate in a number of activities on a daily basis, including games, exercise, arts and crafts, religious services (nondenominational), gardening, walks outside and much more. Plus, we often offer planned outings and hold special events like music entertainment with dancing and holiday parties throughout the year. If at any time our residents choose to skip our activities, our friendly staff provides one-on-one interaction.

Furthermore, freedom is an important privilege our residents deserve, so we abide by their requests to run errands, go shopping or to simply go for a drive outside of the facility. As long as their safety is ensured, we are willing to accommodate them in any way possible.


Visitors are always welcomed. Whether it be family, friends, kids or pets, we encourage visitors to join us for meals, activities, field trips or just to relax with residents. There are no visiting hours as family members are welcome to come and go as they please.

Housekeeping & Laundry

We wash each residents personal clothes as well as all linens plus their bathrooms and suites are cleaned on a regular basis by our housekeeping team.

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