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Nobody Understands Memory Care Like Maple View.....We Get It!

Caring for an individual who is suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia or other memory impairments can be one of the most challenging siutations a family can experience. While it's never an easy choice to ask for help, joining the Maple View family is a decision you can feel good about.

At Maple View Fargo, we give memory-impaired individuals the attention they need to live a fufilling life. At the same time, we provide families with the independance they need to live their own healthy life. Each family is different, and each individual is unique, and our care refelcts that. We are one of the first memory care facilities in the region to offer Montessori-Based Dementia Programming® - an innovative and effective method of working with memory-impaired individuals to engage them in challenging, yet failure-free activities, based on their individual backgrounds and interests. This approach creates a peaceful and nurturing environment that enhances the skills required to perform basic tasks and can actually lead to increased independance among our residents.

When it comes to memory care, we get it. Let us show you how.

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The Maple View team provided a warm, welcoming, and personal environment for John, highlighted by exceptional physical and emotional support for John.  The team was always patient and demonstrated compassion to John, while acknowledging his life and accomplishments prior to him seeking care at Maple View.  The management, leadership, and staff communicated frequently and thoroughly, so that we were always updated on how he was doing.  Maple View showed tremendous flexibility in care planning throughout John’s stay, including his end-of-life care. 

Suffice it to say, John’s quality of life was greatly enhanced due to the exceptional care, compassion, and frankly, love that was shown to our brother, by everyone at Maple View.  The team at Maple View became family to John, and subsequently, the Maple view team became part of OUR family.  We are forever grateful to all of you.   I know I speak for our whole family with these words.  In many respects, John was larger than life in his earlier years.  In spite of his decline, you all provided him with respect and dignity in his last years.  That will never be forgotten. 

My best to you and to the entire team. 

Take care…Kaylin



Maple View is the place if your loved one needs memory care. Our mother lived here for the last 9 months of her life. The care, compassion, and love given to her was beyond any expectations. Communication was always a two-way street. They kept us well informed. From the moment she entered Maple View, she felt comfortable because she could feel how important she was to them. All the staff were wonderful to her. They helped her with anything she needed help with from putting on her socks in the morning to making sure she went to bed clean and cozy. Our mom was a hugger, and she received all the hugs she needed and wanted. She truly loved every staff member there, and they loved her. They not only loved mom, but they respected her as a person. They honored her dignity with love and care. We, her family are most grateful for the staff at Maple View because we loved our mother deeply.

-JoAnn's Family